Show Kiosks

(Information Booths)

The Kiosks are one-stop-shops based at the Show entry gates providing; Show information, where you can purchase Yellow Brick Road bags, collect your Discount Ride Tickets and Family and Child Value Packs.  At all Kiosks you can also purchase a $10 Return Ticket to come back to the Show for a second time on any day of your choice. EFTPOS facilities are available at all Show Kiosks.

The Kiosks are located

  • Inside the Rose Terrace Gate
  • Inside the Leader Street Gate
  • Western End of Atrium Food Court Plaza
  • Inside the Ridley Gates
  • Inside the Adelaide Showground Railway Station gate (by the Dog Pavilion)
  • At Kid's Corner (Goodwood Road Entry / North of Goyder Pavilion)

All booths will be open from 9am to 10pm each day of the Show.

Facilities for the Disabled 

Disabled visitors are well-catered for.  All areas of the venue are accessible by ramps and lifts, and wheelchair-friendly toilets and a public telephone, located throughout the venue.  Disabled parking bays are also available.

Wheelchair viewing platforms have been placed in both the Public Grandstand and Members Grandstand areas.

Toilets for disabled visitors are situated:

  • northern entrances to the Goyder and Jubilee Pavilions (male and female) (M3)
  • inside the Goyder and Jubilee Pavilion (male and female) (L7, O7)
  • in the Members Bar (unisex) (F12)
  • in the Atrium Plaza adjacent to the Food Court and Showbag Pavilion (male and female) (N8)
  • near the Leader Street Gate (female) (E15)
  • in the Dog Pavilion (male and female) (B3)


You’ll find Automatic Teller Machines at:

  • The BankSA branch on West Crescent
  • Duncan Gallery (Southern entrance)
  • Western Foyer of Jubilee Pavilion
  • Adjacent Rose Terrace Gate entrance

Mobile Phone Recharge Stations

Located at Jubilee South, the coordinator of the Locker Hire service has mobile phone chargers for the public to use.


A public telephone is located outside the Jubilee Pavilion adjacent to the Jubilee Café.

Lost Persons

Lost children or lost vulnerable adults should be taken to the Police Station (northern side of the Public Grandstand).

Lost Persons Wristbands

Wristbands are available at all Show Kiosks, the Show Police Station, BankSA Farmyard Nursery and the Royal Show office. Wristbands for children and vulnerable adults need to have the parent or guardian's phone number written on the wristband before putting them on. Police suggest that parents/guardians take a picture of their child/vulnerable adult upon entry to the Show so they have a record of what the child/vulnerable adult was wearing.

Lost Property

All lost property is to be taken to the Lost Property office located east of the Secretary's office at the back of the public grandstand (J8) with valuable items going to the Police at the northern end of the Public Grandstand

Hand Washing Facilities

Hand washing facilities are available in all animal areas with "hand washing" signs in these areas as well as signage in all toilets encouraging all Show-goers: "After being with animals it is recommended that you wash your hands with soap and running water before eating, drinking or smoking."


EcoCaddy will provide a fun and exciting transport service for those attending the Royal Adelaide Show. Hotspots located at the Adelaide Showground Railway Station, South Terrace Park Lands carpark and the Rose Terrace entrance. Hail down one of our eye-catching bamboo bodied EcoCaddies and get a FREE ride

Mobility Scooters

Location: Inside Kidman Gates
Contact: Gordon Moore 0428 694 335
Bookings: Book online @ www.eventscooterhire.com.au

Cost: $80 for all day or $60 for up to 4 hours. RA&HS members receive a 12.5% discount reducing the all day rate to $70.
Times: 9am – 9.30pm Subject to availability, scooters can also be hired on the day by walking up to the site.

Parenting & Special Needs Toilets

Located in the Atrium and Jubilee north toilets, and the North East corner of the Stirling Angas Hall

All Parents with babies and young children can access these toilets along with people with disabilities and special needs. 

Baby Change Facilities

There are parenting rooms in the Atrium Plaza and the northern Jubilee Pavilion toilets which have baby change facilities. All disabled and special needs toilets include a fold down nappy change table. Microwaves are available in the parenting rooms.

Wheelchair & Stroller Hire Service

Contact: Sharon French on 0422 477 473 for bookings.
Cost: $50 deposit (returnable) + $4 /hour
Stroller Hire Cost: $30 deposit (returnable) + $4 /hour
Lions International will again operate this hire service from the rear of the Ringmaster’s building which is between the Members Grandstand and the BankSA Farmyard Nursery.

Foodbank SA

The Royal Adelaide Show is entering its fourth year supporting Foodbank South Australia to put food on the table of those who would otherwise go without.

Foodbank is South Australia’s largest food relief agency, supplying food to more than 500 welfare agencies and community groups and 350 schools across Adelaide’s metro, regional and country areas. Over 85,000 South Australians rely on Foodbank’s services every month, with one third of them being children.

At all entry gates there will be food donation bins where Show-goers can donate core staple, long-life foods such as tuna, canned ham, canned vegetables, canned soup, canned spaghetti and pasta sauce. So as you leave home on your way to the Show, please go through your pantry and grab a food donation to put in the Foodbank donation bins. In addition to the Show-long food drive, Foodbank volunteers will be collecting gold coin donations at the gates on the Show’s second Friday, 9 September.

Over the past years Show-goers and exhibitors have donated almost 10 tonnes of food to Foodbank, with enough food to feed 5,000 families doing it tough. Foodbank’s main belief is that no one should go hungry and we can all do something to join the fight against hunger in South Australia.

To find out more please visit www.foodbanksa.org.au


Lockers are available for hire at the Show. Open from 9am until 9:30pm each day, the lockers are on the southern & western exterior walls of Jubilee Pavilion, near the Atrium Food Court. 
All day lockers are available for $10 + a $2 refundable key deposit and self serve coin operated lockers cost $2.

Think Green

The Royal Agricultural & Horticultural Society of SA is committed to ensuring the Show has only a small impact on the environment and has implemented strategies to manage the waste produced during the Show. About 80% of the waste comes from animals, straw, wood shavings and animal manure. Special bins are used in the animal pavilions for the collection of waste which is then sent for soil composting and used in the production of fertilizer and other garden products.

Cardboard packaging is collected in special bins and separated for recycling, thus removing it from the waste stream that would otherwise go to landfill. Wooden pallets are also recycled if they are broken and can no longer be used. Special bins have been constructed for the separation and collection of cans and plastic bottles. With the co-operation and support of visitors, SITA, our caterers and the commercial traders at the Royal Adelaide Show, the Society is greatly reducing the amount of waste going to landfill. 

Non-Smoking Policy

The Royal Adelaide Show is a SMOKE FREE event. Smoking is permitted in the designated smoking zones, designated areas in bars and 20m from the Showground boundary.  The remainder of the Showground, (including E-cigarettes) is smoke free.  Please check the Show Map to find the location of the smoking-zones.

In Case of Emergency

In the event that an emergency situation arises during the Show, the Royal Agricultural & Horticultural Society of SA has in place a set of policies and procedures designed to address emergency issues. The Society will do this by working closely with SA Police, Safework SA, SA Metropolitan Fire Service, other emergency services and relevant community agencies. If visitors see anything of concern to them, they should raise this with either, a hall attendant, pavilion supervisor, police officer or staff at the Royal Show office.

St John First Aid Facilities

St John First Aid facilities are available at the western end of the Atrium Plaza. St John volunteers will be on duty throughout the Show ready to offer first aid if required. St John staff will sell first aid kits and provide information at its Atrium Plaza and Jubilee Pavilion locations.

Personal Care / Essential Items

A range of personal care items will be available for purchase from the IGA site in the Goyder Pavilion.

Prayer Room

Located in the Southern end of the Jubilee Foyer

Parcel-Minding Service

Guides SA operates this service for a small fee from the rear of the Ringmaster’s building, between the Members Grandstand and the BankSA Farmyard Nursery. It is open from 9am to 9pm daily.

Costs for parcel minding:

  • $3.50 per parcel, backpacks
  • $5.00 for large parcels, large bags, trolley bags and pushers

Petting Zoo Handwashing Guidelines