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Times: Daily @ 10.30am, 12noon, 1pm, 2pm, 4pm and 5pm

Location: Western Entertainment Arena, West Boulevard

The Western Entertainment Arena draws huge crowds as pigs race around a track with their brightly coloured sashes flowing behind. The flight distance for a diving pig is 4 metres or over.


Location: Main Arena

Time: Nightly @ 7-8pm

David Clarke is an ex RAAF aeronautical maintenance engineer specializing in Avionics. As a boy David dreamt of flying and after 10 years of research in 2010 David made history when he became the first and only Australian to build and fly a rocket belt. With 800 horsepower, this loud and exciting act will leave the crowd speechless as David launches and fly’s around the arena without wings.

DIVA Live!

Location: Golden North Stage

Times: Daily @ 2pm to 2.30pm and 6pm to 6.30pm

Adelaide's very own girl group DIVA Live! are set to hit the Golden North Stage with their trademark lush harmonies and powerful vocals and having recently released solo singles in their own right. Sharni and Lauren join Annaleese this year with a hot new repertoire, attitude and stylish costuming including a new mix of R&B, Soul and Top 40 Pop hits in their own Dynamic Diva style!


Location: Main Arena

Times: Various times – please see timetable

This amazing precision driving team attempt a four-way cross-over, along with side-by-side formation driving, high speed drifts, ramp jumps and two-wheel-driving.


Location: Main Arena

Times: Various times – please see timetable

Harness Racing returned to the Adelaide Showground for the first time in 2016 since the end of the 1972 season.


Location: Main Arena

Times: Nightly @ 9pm EXCEPT Sunday 10 September @ 8pm

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday there will be an additional mini fireworks (sponsored by RAA) at 7pm with the big finale fireworks at 9pm.

The last night of the Show will really see the skies come to life with an earlier starting time of 8.00pm and more pyro than we have ever seen to officially close the celebrations of this year’s Show.


Location: Goyder Stage

Times: Daily @ 11am to 11.30am, 1pm to 1.30pm, 3pm to 3.30pm, 6pm to 6.30pm

Tinker Tailor’s Magical Toy Shop is a musical extravaganza that is set to wow audiences like no other and reflects the magical spirit in every child and everyone young at heart.

With a mix of dance, popular music, illusion and special effects the fantasy styled 30–minute show will be a family entertainment experience with an artistic wow factor for adults and fun elements for children.

The production will follow the adventures of two young children as they explore a wondrous collection of toys, curiosities and games in a world of magic and make-believe where anything is possible!

“Toys will magically come to life and reality will creatively blur as this enchanting adventure seamlessly provides unique entertainment.

Anchoring the entire production will be the return of the beloved ‘Tinker Tailor’ character from the Society’s 175th Anniversary production in 2014; whose fun antics and endearing quality proved so popular amongst Show goers.

The show will be choreographed by Adelaide’s own Rhys Bobridge (series one of So You Think You Can Dance Australia) and is rumoured to include a myriad of cutting edge technical and magic effects along with an array of magnificent costumes and some other, as yet, top secret ingredients!


Location: Main Arena

Times: Various times – please see timetable

For the first time in the shows history witness our two female drivers Kelly Wong and Lisa Walker battle it out in big horsepower V8 utes. All four drivers will take to the Main Arena to demonstrate different driving styles and stunts.


Location: Goyder Stage

Times: Monday 4, Tuesday 5, Wednesday 6 September ONLY @ 2pm to 2.30pm

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday there will be an additional mini fireworks at 7pm with the big finale fireworks at 9pm.

Do you have what it takes to be a PAW Patrol Trainee? Join Ryder, Chase and Marshall as they answer Mayor Goodway’s call for help to save the “Adventure Bay Talent Show”. Get ready for action and warm up as Ryder and the Pups take you through all the moves for the Pup, Pup Boogie and make this the best rescue mission ever!

© 2017 Spin Master PAW Productions Inc. © 2017 Viacom International. All Rights Reserved


Location: Golden North Stage – Daily @ 11am to 11.45am and 5pm to 5.45pm

Street Parade – Daily @ 12.30pm to 1pm

Kids’ Corner – Daily @ 3.30pm to 4pm

Top 40, Dixieland, Jazz and Soul – The Police Band are armed with all styles of music and all kinds of fun!


Location: The Kingsway

Times: Saturday 2 & Wednesday 6 September @ 3.30pm

The truck pull is a signature World’s Strongest Man event. The strongman is attached to a harness that is in turn connected to a truck. Then, with or without the guidance of a rope for the athlete to pull on, the strongman must complete a set distance as quickly as possible.

THE 60 FOUR – Male harmony at its best!

Location: Goyder Stage

Times: Thursday, Friday’s, Saturday’s & Sundays @ 12noon to 12.30pm, 2pm to 2.30pm and 4pm to 4.30pm

The 60 Four is a four-piece male vocal group who over the past few years have gained a reputation of presenting the freshest and new look 60s tribute act here in South Australia. With their slick moves and tight four-part harmonies, these charming young men perform classics from groups such as Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Monkees and many more.

The group are led and directed by Ben Francis who with his fellow performers Lachlan Williams, Kyle Hall and Jordan Tomljenovic all began performing 60s songs when at school together at Scotch College.

The group have gone from strength to strength with performances that have included a sold-out Adelaide Fringe Season and corporate events like the South Australian Media Awards, the Adelaide Theatre Guide Curtain Call Awards, The RFDS Barefoot Beach Ball, Big Girls Day Out, Big Bosses Day Out and many more.


Location: Main Arena

Times: Various times – please see timetable

Three of the world’s top Freestyle Motor X riders, two specially designed ramps 2 metres high and 25 metres apart, provides great entertainment. Every year these rider’s skill set get more exciting and spectacular with stunts that have the riders pose completely off their bikes, doing back flips and combining tricks.

AMAZING DRUMMING MONKEYS (Bright, Colourful and Fun Puppet Show)

Location: Kids’ Corner

Times: Daily @ 12.30pm to 1pm / 2.30pm to 3pm / 4.30pm to 5pm

The Amazing Drumming Monkeys take rhythm and song to a whole new level each day in our Kid’s Corner area with an adorable little puppet show aimed at 2 to 8 year olds.

Meet Bongo & Congo two monkey puppets that play African drums, lead the audience in songs and dances and perform magic tricks. It’s fun entertainment for the whole family featuring beautiful positive messages, such as caring for our environment, and getting along with each other. There are 3 shows a day and each has a different and enjoyable theme:

12.30pm – “Tree” themed show

2.30pm – “Ocean” themed show

4.30pm – “Garden” themed show


Location: Main Arena

Judging: State Final - Saturday 2 September @ 6.00 pm

The Young Farmer Challenge is designed to provide entertainment and promote farming which showcases the involvement of South Australian youth in agriculture and rural communities. While these challenges have a focus on agriculture and farming, there is no prerequisite to be involved in farming and anyone from the public is encouraged to enter from a school teacher to a shearer.

The Young Farmer Challenge demonstrates some of the skills, equipment and techniques farmers use every-day as well as some fun activities anyone can participate in. Emphasis is placed on completing each activity within the best time frame but more importantly demonstrating the correct technique and safe work methods.

Some of the challenges include:

- Kubota Challenge – Team members will be required to load a wooden pallet with 6 small square bales and strap down. They will then need to move those using the Kubota loaders.
- AWN Challenge – Team members will be required to setup and pack up a wool table, throw a fleece and pack away into a oddments press. They will then need to role a wool bale and load onto a ute.
- Philmac Challenge – Team members will be required to setup an irrigation sprinkler system using fittings supplied by Philmac.
- Davey Water Products Challenge – Team members will need to put on the correct PPE gear as worn when volunteering with the Country Fire Service. These team members will then need to couple the correct fittings to pump and put out the fire.
- Gallagher Challenge – Teams will need to setup a portable electric fence with equipment supplied by Gallagher Animal Management Systems.
- DMax Challenge – One team member will put on the appropriate PPE and get into the passenger side of an Isuzu Dmax Precision Driving ute.


Location: Kids’ Corner

Times: Daily @ 11.30am to 12noon

Clowning professional Graeme Denton brings his twelve years of clowning skills to life as his alter ego Wobbles the Clown gets to open the Kid’s Corner stage entertainment each day.

Wobbles' performs his entire show 'mime style' which keeps the children on their toes, trying to guess just what might happen next. Whether attempting a big balancing stunt or simply sitting in a chair, Wobbles always ends up in a bumbling mess. Magical mishaps, balancing blunders and juggling jams are just the beginning as Wobbles takes slapstick fun to a whole new level that is entertaining for children of all ages.

GEN Z (Teen Pop Group)

Location: Golden North Stage

Times: Daily @ 12noon to 12.30pm and 3pm to 3.30pm

Like their demographic name sake, Gen Z is part of a generation that is global, social, visual and technological. They are the most connected, educated and sophisticated generation ever; the brand influencers, the social media drivers, the pop culture leaders.

With a young repertoire of music that is set to inspire and featuring some of South Australia’s finest young voices, Gen Z is set to be a young powerhouse of song and dance for all ages to enjoy.


Location: Kids’ Corner

Times: Daily @ 1.30pm to 2pm

The Funny Farmers follows the mishaps of 2 colourful farmers Pete and Matt as they try to get their farm in order with the help of the children at the Royal Adelaide Show and their lovable friend Jolly Joy – the big dancing cow!

Learn about animals and growing crops whilst teaching children about the importance of teamwork, eating healthy, being eco-friendly and most importantly doing your chores on the farm.

The Funny Farmers is performed by PJ Oaten and Matt Roberts longstanding members of the Adelaide comedy scene and original members of the Adelaide musical comedy company Crazy Musical Characters!


Location: Main Arena

Time: Nightly @ 8-9pm

At 65 years of age, Ian should be looking at retiring not driving through a wall of fire! Ian Jamieson, stuntman last appeared at the Royal Adelaide Show in 1987 when he catapulted himself off a motorbike and over 8 courier mini-vans every night. He returns in 2017 riding a motorbike through a tunnel of fire and spectacularly crashing through boxes stacked at the end of the 3m walls.

Ian holds five world records for live stunt performances, many of which were performed at the Royal Adelaide Show in the 1970-80's.


Location: Goyder Stage

Monday 4, Tuesday 5, Wednesday 6 September ONLY@ 12noon to 12.30pm

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday there will be an additional mini fireworks at 7pm with the big finale fireworks at 9pm.

Peppa Pig is a loveable, cheeky little piggy who lives with her little brother George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig. In this live show join Peppa Pig and her whole Family as they play games, dress up and enjoy a day out. Peppa’s adventures are always happy, full of loud snorts of laughter and end of course with her favourite thing ‘jumping in muddy puddles’.

Peppa Pig © Astley Baker Davies Ltd / Entertainment One UK Ltd 2003. www.peppapig.com


Location: Golden North Stage

Times: Daily @ 1pm to 1.30pm and 4pm to 4.30pm

Both Friday’s, Saturdays and Sundays @ 9.10pm Immediately after the fireworks

(Except for Sunday 10 Sept @ 8.10pm – after early Fireworks)

This dynamic acrobatic troupe is made up of three members originally from Zimbabwe, Africa who have performed as feature guest performers in circuses, night clubs, festivals and Casino’s throughout the world.

Their show on the Golden North Stage features an array of performance styles including human pyramid building, high intensity acrobatics, diving through hoops, feats with fire, acrobatic skipping, hand balancing, chair balancing and incredible feats of strength. Using a blend of tribal beats and modern top 40 music, these three unique performers weave a blend of magical energy in a fun style that has to be seen to be believed.


Location: Goyder Stage

Times: Monday 4, Tuesday 5, Wednesday 6 September ONLY

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday there will be an additional mini fireworks at 7pm with the big finale fireworks at 9pm.

Join Jimmy Giggle straight from his wonky recycled house for some laughter, friendship and imagination as he hosts 3 days of our special mid-week Kid's entertainment live on the Goyder Stage!

© Australian Broadcasting Corporation 2017 - Sorry Jimmy Giggle's owl pals Hoot and Hootabelle won't be coming, they are owls after all and like to sleep during the day!


Location: Main Arena

Times: Various times – please see timetable

State Championships Friday 8 September @ 6pm

State Championship Presentation Friday 8 September @7.30pm

Drone FPV World Cup Sunday 10 September @ 2pm

Drone FPV World Cup Final & Presentation Sunday 10 September @ 6.30pm

New in 2016, this event returns bigger and better than ever with FAI World Cup status! With prize money totalling $25,000 witness first-hand the incredible talents of state, national and international pilots as they tackle various tracks at night standing out with different LED lights.


Location: Goyder Stage

Times: Monday 4, Tuesday 5, Wednesday 6 September ONLY @ 4pm to 4.40pm

Those two wonderful Wiggles, Emma and Lachy will be singing and dancing and toot-toot-chugger-chugging their way from Wiggle Town to the Royal Adelaide Show in their very own live show – The Emma & Lachy Tour!

Emma will start the show with some of the songs you've grown to love on her hit series Emma! Her delightful TV show will come to life with oodles of bowtiful singing and bowtiful dancing. Children can join in singing songs such as The Music Box Ballerina, squeal with delight with This Little Piggy, focus on the fun of I’ve Got my Glasses On and so many more!

But it doesn’t stop there, this show is double the fun! The laughing, lovely, lyrical lad, Lachy will ask you What Song will we Do Today? and sing Hello, hello to you plus other crowd favourites from his TV show and album. You won't be able to stop Lachy horsing around with his pink and purple pony pal, Ponso!

© 2017 The Wiggles Live Australia Pty Ltd