Royal Adelaide Beer & Cider Awards


2019 RABCA Presentation Night Photos

RABCA enables beer and cider producers from Australia and New Zealand to enter the awards. Entrants receive personalised feedback from each judge and gives breweries big and small a chance to test their beers and ciders against others in the industry. The competition has several categories, encompassing lagers, ales, stouts, porters, reduced alcohol beers, wheat beers, hybrids, ciders and perrys. For the first time ever, flavoured cider and perrys have also been judged. Exhibits are judged from both a technical and consumer appreciation perspective, taking into consideration the beer’s appearance, aroma, flavour and overall impression. Gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded, and gold medal winning exhibits are considered for trophies. First judged back in 1844 and following the reintroduction of the competitions, 2018 is the eighth year of competition for Beer and fifth for Cider.

Please ensure that you have read the RABCA Competition Schedule before you submit your entries. To complete your application online, you must supply your credit card details. MasterCard or Visa. Unfortunately we do not accept American Express and Diners Cards.

Contact Competition Coordinator
Name: Katie Johnson
Phone: 08 8210 5253
RA&HS Reception: 08 8210 5211