Sheaf Tossing Competition


Sheaf Tossing is a traditional Scottish agricultural sport originally contested at country fairs around 300 years ago. A pitchfork is used to hurl a hessian bag weighing 3.6kg (8 lb) over a horizontal bar above the competitor’s head. Three tries are given to each competitor to cleanly go over the bar, without touching it. After all competitors have made their attempts, the bar is raised and all successful competitors move onto the new height. This continues until all but the final competitor is eliminated. 2018 saw the introduction of the Women’s Come & Try class! This event will be held during the lunch break of the SA Sheaf Tossing Championship.

Please ensure that you have read the Sheaf Tossing Competition Schedule before you submit your entries. To complete your application online, you must supply your credit card details. MasterCard or Visa. Unfortunately we do not accept American Express and Diners Cards.

Contact Competition Coordinator
Name: Lucy Silva
Phone: 08 8210 5253
RA&HS Reception: 08 8210 5211