See the best of alpacas bred in South Australia and from interstate breeders. Alpacas are exhibited within age, gender and colour classes, providing a display of the full range of colour. 

The alpaca comes in two breeds, Suri and Huacaya, based on their fibers rather than scientific or European classifications.

Huacaya alpacas are the most commonly found, constituting about 90% of the population.  The Huacaya alpaca is thought to have originated in post-colonial Peru. This is due to their thicker fleece which makes them more suited to survive in the higher altitudes of the Andes after being pushed into the highlands of Peru with the arrival of the Spanish.

Suri alpacas represent a smaller portion of the total alpaca population, around 10%. They are thought to have been more prevalent in pre-Columbian Peru since they could be kept at a lower altitude where a thicker fleece was not needed for harsh weather conditions.


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