Horses In Action


This year, in support of our exhibitors, consideration will be given to all performances made during the extended performance period of 1 May 2019 to 16 May 2022. The RA&HS encourages all willing exhibitors (especially first-time novice) to enter for 2022 and the Horse Committee will work to take all information into account in the fairest way that can when offering acceptance of entry for the 2022 Show. Entries will open towards the end of March and close on the 27 May. If you haven’t competed with us before make sure you register your details here to receive all the competition information as it is announced.   

To celebrate the Champions, 2022 will introduce a BEST IN SHOW award. This award will be selected from the Champion Pony Hack, Champion Pony Hunter, Champion Galloway Hack, Champion Galloway Hunter, Champion Hack and Champion Hunter and sees the winner taking home a $1000 prize.

The new site layout will be showcased in 2022, which will be the first use of the newly fabricated stables and lockers and stable/locker bookings will again be done through Nominate, an on-line equestrian platform. This is an exciting time for all involved in the Horse Competition and we look forward to welcoming you to the Adelaide Showground in September.

Contact Competition Coordinator
Name: Annunziata Thompson
Phone: 08 8210 5251
RA&HS Reception: 08 8210 5211