The Royal Adelaide Show Cat Competition has classes for Pedigree Cats, Domestic Cats and Companion Cats.

The competition judge will assess up to 50 breeds of pedigree cats across 7 days of the Show, choosing the top pedigree cats to return for the top 15 and supreme judging, culminating in the Best Cat in Show.

Domestic and Companion Cats are judged in two categories as kittens up to 9 months of age or neuter male and female cats from 9 months of age. This competition gives these cats the chance to shine. Additional classes for Best Coat Colour and Texture, Best Groomed, Best Condition, Best Eye Colour and Best Personality will also be judged.


Contact Competition Coordinator
Name: Lisa Nelson
Phone: 08 8210 5247
RA&HS Reception: 08 8210 5211
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