Goyder Pavilion

Food & Wine

This area is a popular feature and once again it will present an abundance of delights to see, try and buy. The aromas, flavours and colourful displays will tempt and entice you to visit the food, wine and coffee stalls to taste as you go. This is just the place to appease the hungry hordes with a “take home pack” of your favourite gourmet food or wine.

Chilli Factory

A family business run and operated by Marcel, Connie and Alex de Wit. A must for your taste buds and so far they have already won more than 150 plus major awards nationally and internationally and the list is still growing. All products have fresh natural 100% Australian grown chillies. No artificial flavours or preservatives are used. There is no MSG added to their sauces and chutneys and most products are 100% gluten free. They were the Guinness World Record holders of the Hottest Chilli in the World 2011, 2012, 2013!!

Tea Tonic

Tea Tonic has Australia’s healthiest range of herbal teas. Sample their “COMPLEXION TEA”.

Tea Tonic’s Herbal Teas have been professionally formulated by Naturopath and Herbalist Lisa Hilbert and focuses on health and wellbeing. Tea Tonic is dedicated to providing exceptional quality using only the highest grade ingredients including freshly picked herbs and fruits in unbleached tea bags and loose leaf tea to ensure maximum potency and goodness is delivered in every cup of Herbal Tea.

Check the Website. www.teatonic.com.au

Original Spirit Co

Original Spirit Co source the best Australian ingredients, many grown organically some even foraged from the wild. All the spirits are handmade and produced in micro- quantities to ensure the best possible quality and taste. Original Spirit Co consider distilling to be a seductive balance between science and art, using traditional techniques and methods to achieve the best result. Taste the range of smooth and sophisticated spirits at exhibition stand number 24.

Macaron De Paris

Macaron de Paris specialises solely in creating authentic hand-made macarons making them an exquisite indulgence for any occasion. Inspired by world renowned award-winning patisserie, Macaron de Paris have sourced some of the finest ingredients from around the world to create the ultimate taste temptation. The range includes Double Belgium Chocolate, Pistachio Almond Cream, Salted Butter Caramel just to name but a few. Indulgent!

Heavenly Jerky

Natural Beef Jerky with 100% Australian Beef. 100% SA owned and operated. No additives, no sulphates, just a range of exotic and heavenly flavours. Guaranteed quality and taste! Free tastings all Show.

Say Cheese

Say Cheese is South Australia’s iconic cheese shop with an extraordinary selection of local and imported cheeses. Based at the Adelaide Central Market, they buy directly from cheese makers Australia wide, as well as France, Italy, Spain, UK, Ireland, The Netherlands, Switzerland and the USA. Taste a range of delicious creamy cheeses - you can’t resist!

Art & Craft - Junior & Open

The prestigious Duncan Gallery in Goyder Pavilion is the home of the Art & Craft & Quilt display. With this impressive location you can spend hours of viewing pleasure.

Royal Adelaide Art Prize Display

Come and view nearly 400 artworks entered. All artwork on display is for sale.

Horticulture Display

The Horticulture Section has two amazing ‘Feature Garden’ Displays this year and an interactive display that will help you to improve your air quality and your wellbeing through finding your perfect Plant Life Balance.

Buzz - The Bee Lover's Garden
Presented by Sophie Thomson is designed to highlight why bees are so important to us and show us practical ways we can make our gardens bee friendly.

The message about bee friendly gardening will be supported by interpretive and educational signage (as well as extra resources and links for further information on a website). There will be a 10 point plan to help make your backyard bee friendly and some interesting buzz facts.


Presented by Tim Harper of Space Capsule Garden Co, is a display garden integrating art, design & horticulture into an inner-city sanctuary. This year’s design will see Tim work alongside a local artist to incorporate custom wall murals that work in harmony with the surrounding plant selections. A mix of re-purposed structural & hardscape choices will allow the project to be built with over 90% recycled elements. Plant choices have been carefully selected to include species that are proven survivors in our climate.

Plant Life Balance
- Improve Your Air Quality and Your Wellbeing!

Plants around us not only improve our air quality, they make us feel good and at the Show this year visitors will have the chance to decorate an indoor room or courtyard with lush and interesting living plants on display.

The interactive stand by the Nursery & Garden Industry of SA will allow people to design and select plants and create a space or look that they like – and then to see how much it will actually improve their indoor air quality.

The process has been made even easier by the new Plant Life Balance App which will be promoted at the stand. The Plant Life Balance App is designed to help the user decorate a space with plants and see how they score in terms of air quality and wellbeing.

Vietnamese Farmers Association

A display that highlights the importance of the Vietnamese community’s role in South Australia and will emphasise the importance of Vietnamese vegetable production.

There are also plans for Vietnamese cooking demonstrations, interpretive signage that tells the story of Vietnamese farmers’ involvement in horticulture since 1983 and their journey to South Australia.

Mermaid Feature

The magnificent and highly colourful “Mermaid” will be used to showcase the wonderfully creative and talented students and staff of the TAFESA Floristry Program based at the Tea Tree Gully campus.

The “Mermaid” is a feature in the Horticulture Section and her highly colourful decorations of flowers and many “friends” including, crabs, turtles, seagulls, giant sea shells, treasure boxes have excited and been loved by the many children and parents who come to see her. 

Plant Sale

At the end of the Show plants used in the horticulture display are available to buy. Succulents, shrubs, potted annuals, pots of daffodil and tulip bulbs, palms, orchids ornamental grasses, perennials, specialty trees, groundcovers, Australian natives and more are on offer for sale.


Sponsored by The Bowden Group

Feast your eyes on photographs from some of the best of Australian photographers. Selected from 1,500 entries from all over Australia and catering for locals will be some 500 prints featuring subjects such as people, landscape, nature in both black and white and colour.

Photography is becoming a fashionable collectors’ item, and many of those on display will be for sale.

Cookery - Open & Junior

View the display of entries in the Junior and Open cookery competition in Duncan Gallery.

Citizenship Ceremony

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection will be conducting five citizenship ceremonies where 50 individuals make the Pledge to become an Australian citizen.

Fruit - Commercial

Apples and Pears

South Australia’s best fruit is on display along with information on varieties. Apples, pears and juice are available for purchase. Local growers are available all day to meet with the public and share their knowledge around fruit production.


The very best of South Australia’s Citrus will be on display along with daily freshly squeezed orange juice. Meet local citrus growers and ask your citrus questions. There are many varieties of fruit available for purchase and tasting. Information on Fruit Fly and Citrus Gall Wasp will also be available.


A variety of classes including Extracted Liquid Honey, Native and Imported Flora, Blue Gum, Candied Honey, Creamed Honey, Comb Honey (Packaged & or Framed), Beeswax, Novice Section and Young Beekeepers, for exhibitors under 18 years of age, Beeswax Candles including two new classes for 2018 Sweet & Dry Mead. Come see this beautiful display of local honey.


2018 Feature Flower is the Camellia.
Competitive Horticulture and Floriculture entries will provide a visual treat for visitors.

There are classes for “cuts” of native flowers, garden shrubs and trees, (cuts, meaning stems or branches in flower).

Camellias are one of the many species of flowers entered for judging. Camellia blooms are arranged on show benches, each year novice and expert growers, stage the result of a year’s passionate culture and nurturing of their beloved Camellias. This year Camellias are the Feature Flower.

There will be experienced growers available to give expert cultural advice on the growing of orchids.

Bonsai enthusiasts will be vying for top honours, as this year’s the Show welcomes an interstate judge. There are three showings of Bonsai, so to see the best of deciduous and evergreen Bonsai a second visit to the Show is recommended.

There will also be a Bonsai site, artistically displaying some of the best trees from Bonsai club members, who will be on hand to answer questions and discuss the finer points of their art.

The Junior and Teenagers Sections of Creative Floral entries, fruit, vegetable and pot plant classes have continued to attract a terrific number of entries and are always very popular from the public’s perspective.

Scarecrow Competition

The Scarecrow competition is open to Kindergartens and Primary School students, with prize money awarded to the students nominated Kindergarten or Primary School. Three categories will be contested; A Hollywood scarecrow, depicting a celebrity or movie character; a scarecrow depicting a storybook character and a Teacher scarecrow modelled on a teacher from the school (with the teacher’s permission of course!)

Florist Competitions

The public will have the opportunity to vote on their favourite floral displays. The People’s Choice Awards are for:

  • The floor displays created by our State’s leading florists showcasing their floristry business. The theme is “Hollywood”.
  • Floristry Pedestal arrangements, any style created by our State’s florists.

Votes will be cast on Friday 31 and Saturday 1 and winners will be announced by Sunday 2 September.

Floral Art Competition

On Tuesday 4 September, the talented members of Adelaide’s Floral Art Clubs will prepare their exhibits for judging of the 2018 RA&HS Floral Art Competition.

The final displays will feature dramatic interpretations of various concepts and themes that will test the creativity of the designers and of the highly qualified interstate judge who has been commissioned to judge and comment on these displays.